Social Orra offers many different social networking services to fit your needs

How can we help you?

Review our packages, as most companies require social networking assistance under the following categories:

1. Get setup online easily with a social media presence. Social Orra  will do an analysis of your digital strategy, select the best channels, and set-up your profiles so you are ready to take charge and engage with your clients.

2. Learn how to do it yourself. Let us provide you with the skills needed to take control and maximize your companies social media networking efforts.

3. Take control of social media. Social Orra provides the guidance you need to help engage with your audience and reach your social media networking goals.

4. Let us do the work. Social media networking can be very time consuming and confusing; Social Orra can take control and optimize your social media efforts for the best return on investment.

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Social Networking Services

All social networking services correspond to the categories listed below.

– Geo-targeting is extremely effective, and with augmented reality coming soon, you want to be visible on all maps.

– Manage ads on 1 social network, helps you to reach your target audience and maximize your results.

– Improve your campaign performance by managing and optimizing your social media advertising across various networks.

– Start off on the right social media path with peace of mind and feel confident that you are set-up for success on Facebook and Twitter.

– Set-up and Leverage the popularity of Pinterest to generate leads for your business (one of the most popular and effective social media channels to share visual content) or for fun and powerful applications.

– We deliver informative and engaging presentations on a wide variety of social networking topics.

– Create a comprehensive and measurable plan is the key to meeting business’ objectives via social media.

– For those clients that already use social media, but want to improve their effectiveness, Social Orra will assess your current strategy and provide a roadmap for future success.

– We help establish clear guidelines and principles of communication for employees and outside agents representing your brand online.

– Social Orra is dedicated to ensuring our client’s profiles are maximized to generate the utmost value for their company.

– Work intimately with our expert strategists who will provide detailed recommendations and clear instructions on how to reach your business goals and objectives via social media.Social Orra will monitor your online reputation daily by tracking conversations about your brand, industry, competitors and brand influencers.

– Social Orra can help create powerful and effective content that captures your company voice and helps build online traffic and engagement with your brand. Daily hands-on assistance with social media posting, community engagement, organic fan base growth, monitoring and reporting.

– Generate buzz, boost registration, build excitement, share information and increase engagement for events.

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