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District3_innovation_center Join us, in conjunction with Concordia University’s District 3, to develop a social media tool. We are looking for students and experienced individuals as Programmers, Web Developers and Marketers utilizing the following skills:

  • Highly efficient
  • Self-managing
  • Driven and highly-motivated
  • Clear communicator
  • Organized and methodical


For students we offer initial internship work with potential for hire. For experienced individuals, we are looking for those with more than 3 years experience in their domain.

Find out more details below:

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    Web Developers:

    Got experience developing websites, user experience, and graphic design? Show us some of your work with a portfolio. Looking for experience in the following areas:

    – Languages: Javascript, HTML(5), CSS(3)

    – Build system: Gulp

    – CSS preprocessor: Compass (Sass)

    – Package manager: Bower

    – Testing framework: Mocha (preferable), or Jasmine

    – Development platform: Unix compatible (Linux, MacOS X, BSD, etc.)

    – Revision control: Git

    – APIs: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    We prefer building around and using WebComponents and avoiding jQuery centric frameworks. We also require that development and deployment be compatible with Unix/Linux/MacOS X platforms.

    Send us your resume as a PDF or LinkedIn, and a short description of your interests.

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    Software Programmers:

    Working on the back-end requires a mastery of building HTTP enabled low-latency highly concurrent data driven applications. We are looking to build a stateless web layer that provides the front-end with a JSON based REST API. The web layer will communicate with the back-end services via RPC mechanisms and message queues. Looking for experience in the following areas:

    – Languages: Scala

    – Libraries: Akka, Play2, Typesafe tools / ecosystem

    – Build system: Sbt

    – Development and deployment environment: Unix/Linux compatible

    – Data stores: MySQL, Redis, Cassandra

    – APIs: Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, etc.

    Send us your resume as a PDF or LinkedIn, and a short description of your interests

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    Graphic Designers:

    Are you creative and inspired by modern and sleek designs? Looking for experience in the following areas:

    – Illustrator

    – Photoshop

    – Social media

    Show us your portfolio and ideas and help us develop a beautiful and inspiring interface.

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    Are you creative and looking for experience with social media and web campaigns? Looking for experience in the following areas:

    – Social media ads

    – Google ads

    – Ad Roll

    – Google Analytics

    – Mail Chimp

    – WordPress

    – Email campaigns

    Show us your CV or Linkedin profile, your interests, and ideas to help us develop email subscription campaigns.



You can also reach us at contact@socialorra.com.