Are you a social media hypocrite?

Are you a social media hypocrite?

Do you love social media, but actually really hate it?

Are you a social media hypocrite?

This subject seems to touch many peoples mind strings. It is a common topic of conversation among those who use social media and those who don’t. The funny thing is that whether you are a chronic user or a leisure one the answer remains that you are still somehow an addict.  When I say addict I just mean that you can’t go without it once you start, or you have at least one channel that you check on a somewhat regular basis. A true non-addict is a person who has not social media knowledge or handles. I am pretty sure non of you reading this fall into that category. So lets take a look to see if you actually are a social media hypocrite.

  1. Do you use it for work?

If you work in social media then for sure you are posting every day and getting bombarded with emails of some sort, questionnaires, surveys, white papers and webinars to name a few. Your constantly strategizing about how to do social media better, get more engagement and analyze how well your ROI is on your social investment. Technically you should love social media, but in fact isn’t it the truth that you might deep down get sick and tired of it. It is after all your job and when your not working you might feel that it is a waste of your time and energy. So when you get message on Facebook or Tweeted at your initial instinct is to turn it all off until Monday when you will get flooded it all over again. This also the reason why marketers have so much trouble getting you to participate in online contests and surveys. You just don’t want to be bothered.

  1. Do you use it to keep in touch

Some people open social media accounts just to keep in touch or snoop on other peoples channels. Are you the person that has a Facebook page but never posts anything, just peruses the newsfeed to see what your friends are doing, or just to catch up on the latest entertaining posts? Do you use it to keep in touch with your multitude of friends who live in cities your have visited or family members that you never have time to see. Do you tell others that your “not really a social media user” or that ” you think it is a waste of time” or that ” you don’t understand why people post their personal lives on social channels? If you have ever said any of these comments you might want to reflect on your words versus your actions.

  1. Do you use it for fun

Most of you will probably fall into this category. Who doesn’t use social media for fun? Instagram for posting your photos and sharing the with other, twitter for events, announcements or sharing news. Facebook for messenger to chat with your friends, or invite them to your parties. Snapchat just because it’s fun and your can be silly. Pinterest for sharing or pinning things that are interesting to you whether it is fashion, interior decor, weddings or art that you are passionate about. I think pretty much everyone has used social media at some point in their lives for fun.

If you fall into any one of these three category users above and yet you still seem to tell people you are not a social media user or lover, or you don’t see the purpose because you feel it is a waste of your time. Well I am sorry to say that you frankly are a social media hypocrite.

Please feel free to by provide us with your feedback on what your definition is of a social media hypocrite. I look forward to reading your comments.