10 digital valentine ideas

10 digital valentine ideas


10 digital valentine ideas to win friends and influence people

Finding new things to do with or for your loved ones can be sometimes daunting for couples new and old. Especially with the new technology changing the way we communicate in our day-to-day activities and relationships. There is so much pressure put on a simple day, but the fact of the matter is that Valentines can be any day of the year. So here are ten ideas that might be able to help all year round because they can be done anytime, any day, for any reason. There is no better present than time. Give your loved one your time and attention, live in the now and remember to share your gratitude.

  1. Send an e-card to your spouse/partner a romantic, fun e-card to brighten the day. Here are some free e-card resources: Blue Mountain or Hallmark.
  2. E-mail a free coupon for dinner, dancing, breakfast in bed, a long romantic walk by the lake, a short trip to the beach, or just some unplugged time together.
  3.  Online orders are great gifts. Purchase an online gift card at their favorite store and email it to them. Or buy flowers online and have it shipped to your partner’s, parents or friends office during the workday with a message of appreciation. Just because you can’t be there in person doesn’t mean you can’t be there in spirit.
  4. Send a Valentine-o-gram. Go to the park, set up a picnic lunch or dinner, and take a video or photo of it and email or text this to your wife, asking her to join you.
  5. Send Messages of love throughout the day. Write “I love you, ______” in unique places such as the bathroom mirror, in the snow, or on your arm. Take a photo and send it to them by text, email or social media.
  6. Share affirmations. Lift one another up in public by posting affirmations, encouragements, and thank-you notes on your spouse’s Facebook wall. Digitally cheer one another’s goals and accomplishments.
  7. Post a music video on Instagram of your favourite love song and tell your spouse why it reminds you of him.
  8. Make a list of 10 things you love about your spouse or your relationship and share it in a blog post or via Facebook.
  9. Celebrate every week or month by posting milestones, love notes, prayers for one another, and fun photos.
  10. Regularly text romantic, funny, inspiring messages to your loved one. Everyone likes to receive texts to remind them they are special and in your thoughts.

Social Orra wishes you a very special valentines day with your loved ones. From us to you, we share on social this week all the ways to take advantage of this holiday for business purposes and personally.

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