What is your social persona?

What is your social persona?

Do you know what your social persona is?

Did you ever wonder how people see you on social media? Since I work in Social media I am always coming across a variety of profiles, bloggers, experts, business owner and profiles of users. Each individual or business person has something to say, something to show or something to share with the world, especially it seems on visual platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. I sometimes wonder though if they actually realize what messages they are sending with the content they are posting. When do you know what is an appropriate post based on the way you want to be seen? Don’t forget that what you show on social media is not always reality, however, it is the face that others perceive.

What is a persona, it is a fictional person who represents a user group online.

Online personas are not always coherent with offline personas. So the question then becomes what is your social persona? How do you manage it? And who is your target audience?

I have made a list of 8 possible categories of social personas that you can fall into. From these options you can decide which persona you want to be and organize your posts and profiles accordingly.

  • The Expert:

    Considers himself or herself an industry leader or expert, offering latest news, insights, tools and opinions. A contributor and major influencer over their audience. Helps to validate and sell products, services and ideas.

  • The Socializer:

    They believe in community and keep in formed about friends, events and social news. Has fun online networking and is an engine of social interactions. They respect social etiquette and participate in online reviews.

  • The Observer:

    Doesn’t participate in group discussion, events or share any information with others, rather watches what is going on online for either personal or professional use such as: competitor analysis, keeping up to date with trends, friends, family, cureent events, and so on.

  • The Status Seeker:

    believes visual accomplishments make a good impression and are socially recognized. They have a lot of friends and fans on their profiles, which are recognized in terms of exchange, trade and collecting. Their primary objective is popularity and status.

  • The Creator:

    Creates, builds, makes and publishes their own content that will be shared or sold. An early adopter of new tools and stays current with latest trends. Invest energy collaborating with other creative.

  • The Buddy:

    Has a strong sense of friendship and uses online platforms to stay connected and close to maintain relationships. Also helps promote his friends endeavors by sharing posts.

  • The Critic:

    Writer and author interested in substance and content. Their objective is validation from their audience on their work, in such they participate also in community and online discussions.

  • The Rebel:

    Enjoys conflict and opposition. Often tries to ignite conversations that provoke. Uses social media to share opinions and drive traffic to discussions.

Remember Persona’s are people and people are users of social media, they have motivations, interests, habits, expectations, intentions and anticipated behaviors. So if you want to build efficient social media sites, you need to get a good grasp on the meditated social interactions, communications and behaviors of your users and your profiles. Personas will help visualize this perspective.

So which persona are you?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.