How to get 15 minutes of fame

How to get 15 minutes of fame

5 different ways to get celebrity status on social media.

Celebrity today has taken on a whole new meaning. It no longer applies to movie stars, singers, fashion designers, or television hosts. Anyone can become a celebrity if they have social media appeal, meaning followers and fans. Bloggers, pranksters and every day Jane and Joe’s can be celebrities with their fifteen minutes of fame.

So I was very interested to see who is making the celebrity lists and why. I came up with a checklist of 5 different opportunities for you to get your celebrity status through social media.

  • It’s who you know

I have been reading many local blogs and online news sites lately to understand the pulse of millennia’s and topics of interest by Montrealer’s. What I have been seeing is the same trend over and over again. Subjects may rang in variety from tech, to health, to relationships, but there is one thing that ties them all together. The people that make the top hottest couples, greatest women entrepreneurs, notable awards nominations or any kind of media story today are generally the people that are the most popular in the social seen or social community. Their credentials rarely have to do with being the most successful, beautiful or best at what they do. They are just plain popular and have the inns with the bloggers, restaurant owners and media firms. So now when I read these stories I have a very different perspective on the quality of content and the credibility of what I am reading. The conclusion is if you want your 15 minutes of fame and you fall into this category, you will surely be able to grab it. Next time your out just make sure to become chummy with a blogger, she/ he will definitely be inspired to write something about you. Don’t forget that is their bread and butter. Look at @irinaterehova

  • Great PR firm

No matter what your line of work, if you want to get known and expand your business prospection you need a good PR firm. Today PR doesn’t focus on old school media, it puts its pretty penny and time into social media. Community managers and bloggers are their best friends they are able to land you on any page, event or television exert if they are good at what they do. The best PR girls/boys are those that are young and hip. Why because they have the pulse on your community and what is happening in today’s market. They are the new school marketers that are able to turn you into a local celebrity in no time flat. Remember rule #1 its who you know and #2 its how you are seen. Only a good PR firm can make you into a rock star even if you are a geek. I was recently inspired by a girl I never heard of till social media put her on the map. @stephparisberks

  • Sex sells

Well this stands the test of time. You will never go wrong with sex as a catalyst to help launch your career and make you celebrity for 15 minutes if not longer. Look at Paris Hilton, Kim Karadashian and the list goes on. We don’t have to look to far though to see that it’s not just a video that will catapult your social media success. In fact I took a look at many male and females profiles that had thousands of followers only to discover lots of bob, ass, chest and abs photos. So it’s pretty clear how easy it is to get 20,000 followers if you are visually selling your body. No brainer guys and girls, sex sells. Put it on display and you will gain followers fast, not to mention get your 15 minutes of fame. Here is an example of a profile of a young girl that is not in the sex industry yet their profiles are quite sexually oriented. @savmontano

  • You actually earned it

So I left this for second to last because it actually has a lot of merit. There are people in this world who have actually worked very hard to get to where they are, and or are just very talented. Social media helps us to discover these hidden gems and allows them to shine in the spotlight even if only for a moment. They are well deserved and as a society they should be commemorated through social media. After all this is the newest form of socially accepted information and success. @sammysugark @soniazarbatany

  • Opps it went viral

I left this for last cause finally it is the X factor that no one can count on. No one predicted that the ALS @icebucketchallenge prank would raise 80 million dollars in a few months through social media. No one new that a British boy poking his brother in the back seat of his parents car being filmed would make millions of dollars and everyone would then know Charlie. No one predicted that…..

Viral video’s have their place in creating your 15 minutes of fame, in which could last a lifetime depending on the impact they bring. This last one is out of your control, but social media is the only platform that can allow for this.

So if I haven’t convinced you by now how great social media is for your personal or professional life, then you have another think coming. Depending on what your goals are, you need to be cool with social media. If you want celebrity status you have to get with the program, or your competitors will swallow you whole.

Live and learn that’s the social media promise.