The community manager checklist

The community manager checklist

Are you searching for the right social media manager?

Are you falling behind your competitors with your community management efforts?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you might want to find yourself a qualified community manager to take care of your social media pains. Don’t make a common mistake many companies do in allocating a current employee to take charge of your social media efforts in order to save money. This person probably has little or no experience in social media, and won’t be able to improve the bottom line, this in fact will be a waste of time and time is money.

It can be a frustrating experience trying to find the right person since many social media mangers today boast about their qualifications and focus on pointing out how well they are “driving engagement”. However, while engagement metrics can be tied back to your business goals, most of the time social media marketers are not moving the metrics that CEO’s care about. We can’t blame this all on the community manager because in fact, many companies have not yet figured out the right way to measure the ROI of their efforts, therefore they don’t know what to look for in a new hire to help drive real business results.

This is why I have come up with a checklist of the top 5 qualifications to help business owners figure out what they need to look for when hiring a community manager.

  • Great Journalist

A good social media manger will always be ahead of the current industry trends, up to date with breaking news, keeping a pulse on its community and customer interests, as well as, continuously learning about the new tools on the market. Social media is constantly evolving and changing, therefore community managers must be adaptable and flexible. They are also an extension of a PR manager and can act as a connector to other departments in the organisation.

Skills include: Content curation, effective monitoring, quick witted communication skills, fast decision-making, good judgment, ability to stay calm when facing stress, global thinker

  • Content Creator

Content is a key component to any marketing strategy, especially in social media. Having a qualified team of bloggers, writers, and graphic artists is not enough to have relevant and compelling content. The content itself must be adapted to each social media network to ensure the highest level of engagement, to grow a community and to increase ROI. Each network has its restraints and its best fit for viewing (size, time of day, characters, etc.), it is therefore necessary to make sure all these elements are adhered to properly. Adapting content specifically for each social network yields more clicks and leads.

Skills include: copywriting, design, basic photography & videography, positioning, creativity

  • Marketing Analyst

This is exceptionally important when it comes to determining strategy changes and calculating ROI. The more data-driven a community manager is the more likely they will be able to dig into the data and analyze it to draw actionable insights and helpful conclusions. Such data include; overall reach, leads generated, leads nurtured, customer cases supported, individual leads and so forth. Keeping a pulse on the community is pertinent to making forward thinking decisions and setting social media goals that match the overall company goals. Furthermore, consistent testing of new strategies, content and campaigns is an integral part of analytics used to improve marketing efforts through new iterations to achieve goals set by the organization.

Skills needed: Data analysis, curiosity, experience with running scientific experiments, strong presentation skills

  • Traffic Director & Good Networker

A social media manager is the voice of the company; they represent a brands image, message and integrity. They act as a customer service representative, traffic director, moderator and facilitator in answering questions, helping customers, monitoring feedback, engaging in discussion, attracting visitors and nurturing leads. They act on all counts on behalf of the company and interact on a daily basis with followers, potential customers, media and fans.

They need to be able to understand where their followers’ question, concern or comment is coming from, address it appropriately, and provide a course of action for resolution.

Skills required: troubleshooting, strong communication skills, adaptability, like-ability, calmness, knowledgeable about the brand and resourcefulness.

  • Project Manager

Effective social media community managers are seemingly everywhere and in communication with everyone. They need to be highly organized as they manage all the posts, content, comments, requests, followers, sales, customer service all while coordinating their own strategies, deliverables and content with various departments outside social media such as sales, public relations, graphics, and marketing. They must have a strong understanding of the sales and marketing funnel, in order to pass appropriate leads off to the sales team and keep sales reps informed when there’s something they should know, all while pushing growth initiatives of their own.

Skills required: Strong organization skills, strong communication skills, ability to negotiate, data-based decision-making skills

With all this responsibility on their shoulders, it is no wonder the role of a community manager is so important to a company. It’s hard to believe that anyone can take on the position of a social media community manager.

These five roles should be in the back of any hiring manager’s mind as they interview to fill their social media community manager position. If you can find someone who is able to full fill these skills pre-requisites then you will have a good chance of mastering the ability to measure and value the ROI of social media.

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