3 tips to convert social media skeptics

3 tips to convert social media skeptics


What do you think is the best way to help someone solve a problem or maybe convert a skeptic on social media?

Here are 3 tips that can help you connect with others on a positive level regardless of the nature of their complaint of problem.

Give the gift of experience.

Everyone wants to be assured that social media works and works in their favour. The best way to do this is to get your audience involved in your activities on and offline. and share your solutions with stories.  Let them contribute to your stories, and engage with them. Let them have control over the outcome of your content but not the message. Make sure that you are always available to comment, share and interact with them, give them your full attention.  Show them you care; make their experience memorable and positive. It’s true that experiences only exist for a brief period of time, however, experiences live forever in our memories, providing us with funny, rich, or meaningful stories that stand the test of time.

Say, “I get you.”

Everyone wants to be understood, especially your customers, so customer service is particularly important to pay attention to. The driver of grateful feelings in any long-term relationships is the sense of feeling understood and appreciated. We like to feel that our brands, friends, lovers and colleagues understand us. So the product, message or service that is given by a brand we associate to is crucial in our emotional attachment and loyalty. Your customer wants to feel “I get you”. In doing so, response time, appreciation, problem solving and gifting all help maintain your alliance and customer loyalty. They will become your ambassadors and greatest allies to help propagate your brand/service/product on social media.

Share something meaningful to you.

On social media today people do not want to interact with machines or brand personas, they want to interact with other people, therefore it is important for your avatar to be a person, show a photo and name (not your brand). Make sure your profile describes your interest and have it include personal anecdotes your customer can relate to. From managing your own accounts or from interactions with another brand, make sure to share your thoughts and personal experiences. Transparency and authenticity are probably the defining elements that determine if your audience connects with you or not. Share something meaningful and you will see how much your engagement increases.

If you can implement these 3 tactics your social media efforts, community and engagement will increase, eliminating all doubts of skepticism that social media works, as well as, solving problems quickly and quietly. Once you are successful on social media, you will never go back to life without it. Stay real, stay focused and keep in touch. Sharing is caring, especially on social channels.

Please share with us your social media success stories and any other anecdotes related to your brand or community online.

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