5 ways to create joy on social media

5 ways to create joy on social media

5 ways to create Joy on social media

There are so many articles telling marketers the what, where, how and why are of social media, but connecting with people on an authentic level is your priority. Bringing joy and laughter to your audience and emotionally connecting with people will make you more popular on social media and intern help you achieve all your goals. After all we are human, we want to feel a human connection even online and especially on social media. There is no better time to connect with your target audience than during the holidays. December is a great month to bring joy into the life of others. Here are some tips on how to create joy and gain followers quickly.

  • Topic Element

Post seasons greetings, celebrations and anecdotes.

The most popular posts that get high engagement are generally trending topics like animals, love, health, fitness, babies and living a long life. During the holidays all these topics are fair game. Post wishful messages on any of these topics and/or pictures to boot. They most likely will get traction. Remember sharing is caring on social too.

  • Emotional Element

Post humoristic images of you, your family, friends, boss of colleagues during the holidays. Viral posts also usually have amusing, surprising, inspiring and heart warming. Everyone feels a little more sensitive around the holidays, tap into this emotion to get more reactions. Keep it positive and make sure it is brand consistent.

  • Content Element

Tell stories with video’s, photos, facts or quotes, use visuals to captivate your audience’s attention. (ie: Share your new years resolutions). Content is king, but engagement is queen, make sure they go had in had. Posting is not enough, you need to interact with your audience, be responsive and comment on their posts as well. Create discussions; remember social media is a dialogue platform.

  • Service Element

Do good deeds and help others. Ti’s the season to be jolly. Join a group discussion that pertains to your industry and offer your product or services free for the month to anyone who also helps someone else. Think of ways you can make someone else’s life better. Pay it forward and eventually it will come back to you.

  • Charitable Element

Donate to a charity. Pick a cause you are passionate about or that is close to your heart and donate your time, money or something that would help. Share your journey on Instagram or Facebook with the right #Hashtags. Everyone loves a charitable person.

There are so many ways you can bring joy to social, be creative and take advantage of this jolly time of year. The holiday spirit is positive to start and if you are engaging enough you will soon be your own social media hero.

Please share with us your campaigns of joy and your own social media resolutions for 2016.

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