The benefits of storytelling

The benefits of storytelling

What are the benefits of storytelling?

Before getting into the what, we must ask the why. Why use storytelling at all. The answer is simple, it is the main reason people come back for more and become loyal customers of your product, service and/or brand. This is why good marketers know how to master the art of storytelling to draw in big audiences. As a marketer social media must be approached with a different mindset, ads and posts are not enough to capture your audience’s attention. Brands must capture their audience’s attention by giving them information that interests them, rather than interrupting content to advertise or push something they may or may not want. The power of storytelling is the reason content marketing has become the go to tool for achieving mass consumption and viral outbreaks.

The point of storytelling is to create content that captivates the reader and leaves them wanting more. It must also be understandable, relatable and shareable. As a marketer it is critical to use content marketing to engage with your community and use community insights to shape your content. So what are the tangible benefits of storytelling versus just posting content?

To create content for your calendar that follows a story, you must start with a story arch. So what does a story arch look like? Author and social media expert Keith Kenseberry @Kquesen created what we like to call at Social Orra a story arc image, see below:


This is the a simplistic understanding of taking your readers from seeing, to understanding, to peeking interest, and then to converting to followers or buyers. So now that we understand the need for storytelling what are the benefits?

The tangible benefits of storytelling versus just posting content are the following:

  1. Generate sales through content marketing.

Content catered specifically toward people who are ready to buy has a higher chance of converting sales than general content, which aims only to bring people to your site. Also choosing each platform wisely with the target audience in mind will amplify your success. Other helpful tools for conversion in content marketing are the use of keywords searches, customer feedback, and creating content for various buying stages in your story arc.

  1. Increase organic exposure for your content and repurpose it effectively.

Each story will lead into the next and using link thumbnail images will help your content get shared. Call-to-action buttons are paramount because it allows for immediate action and increases your traffic. If you can keep the attention of your community with your stories, this will help promote your content and help to create user-generated content that you know they will want.

  1. Cut costs on content creation (without compromising quality)

Write your own content and make your stories unique. Often you can repurpose content from past campaigns or use existing ones with a social media angle like creating a behind the scenes to your story. Make use of what you have and what other experts are creating to support your story line and products/services.

  1. Measure the ROI of your programs

Tracking when your audience visits your site/post, determines what content they are clicking on and what information is most valuable to them. You will see what part of your story arc is captivating them most. This will help you refine your content in order to drive more engagement, and sales.

The most important take away is to pay attention to your stories structure in order to benefit most from social media storytelling. Building your social media campaigns around stories help you ultimately stand out from other brands and grabs the attention of your consumers. Align your stories with your audience’s values and if you are a local company or personality try to align some of your stories with the local mindset or activities.

Remember everyone likes a story, “those that tell stories well rules society” Plato

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