How to ensure a content touch down

How to ensure a content touch down

I get asked all the time what makes your company different than all the others currently on the market? My initial response is something like, well our team; since your team is really the foundation of your success, the product or service follows. Then I think about giving an answer that everyone can agree with as an underlying differentiator. You probably are asking yourself “what is it?” Well it’s an uncomplicated answer; our brand delivers content that is fun, inviting, relevant, and most importantly simple to digest, this is how you can ensure content is a success.

Why is creating original visual so important?

The key to effective content that builds your audience and business is to share content that promotes the lifestyle around your brand rather than just your products or services. Here are a few ideas to help you on this journey.


Everyone likes to have a good time, laugh and share common interests. So why not provide information that they already are interested in and which lets your viewers escape from the hardships of their realities. A great example is the “Social Superbowl” campaign. Asking questions before and after the game while you are watching and attending the game. Stay interactive with their audience and eventually they will become yours too.


Today’s consumers trust their peers 50 percent more than they trust companies or brands and, as a result, influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity. Marketers are quickly shifting towards leveraging the authenticity of their “influencer community” by utilizing one of the most common (yet immensely powerful) platforms: video.

For example: H&M the clothing company used David Beckham for a campaign during the soccer game where the viewers had to vote when he was covered and uncovered, they were able to purchase what he is wearing in real time. Furthermore, 60% of ads were shared before and during the game, while 40% were shared on social media.


It’s worth mentioning that you should remember to pay particular attention to content that’s performing well on the platforms that your audience uses. In other words, if your potential customers hang out on Instagram, content that has performed well on Facebook may not be as relevant to you.


Posting visual content is one of the most important things you can do to improve your social media strategy. A successful social strategy will often include photos, videos, and screenshots of info-graphics or other graphs. Consistency is key in all your visuals, colors, fonts, themes, images, messages and so on should be similar or the same so that people can identify your brand easily and would most likely want to share it either on their wall or with others because it represents their interests and/or who they are.

If you can implement these concepts into posts on your social media channels, you already have the makings for success.

Remember “Content is King, but marketing is Queen and runs the household Says Gary Vaynerchuck. Make a airtight strategy and good brand guidelines, so that your content will perform well.

Share with us in our comments section some of your content ideas that help fuel your social media success, we want to hear about them.