5 Smart content creation tips

5 Smart content creation tips

Smart content creation is engaging, shared, liked and usually captivating either visually, emotionally or acoustically.  The attention span on social media channels is mere seconds, therefore your content has to be well target and unique. There are many things you should know about creating good content, but we don’t have all day to discuss them so here are a few tips to help you on your way.


Make sure you have captivating graphics; the design, layout, quality and image should be appropriate:

  • Use design sites such as Designmodo as a resource of informative material. There are several categories you can browse through, depending on your interests like web design, tips, tutorials, WordPress, inspiration and much more.
  • Use the right format required by the platform you are posting on for optimal performance and visual presentation (FB, TW, Blog, Pinterest, G+, IN, ect..)
  • Quality of image should be made for web so that you are not overloading your server, heavy Jpegs take time to load and your audience may loose patience.
  • Most importantly, pay close attention to the consistency in your brand images; they should be unified by themes, colors and your branding guidelines.


  • Ask yourself what would Sacha Baron Cohen do? He has made so many laugh with his outrageous humor which reflects our pop culture in either a religious, political, or satirical way making him likeable and memorable.
  • Keep the content clean, don’t post anything too controversial, bad social media is negative anyway you spin it.
  • Use improvisation either in podcasts, videos or other forms of engagement with your audience.
  • Take customers by surprise! Be a little shocking, embarrassing, do something out of sorts that is slightly ridiculous, people love to share things that make them laugh.


  • Depending on your audience, play up to their lifestyle, interests and activity’s. Encapsulated many types of material, from user-generated content to sweepstakes.
  • Use testimonial videos, images and quotes from fans to share across Facebook and Instagram
  • Use images that bring out human sentiment regarding moods and emotions that pertain to your target audience.

UX Design

  • Take a look at insightful articles exploring web design, development, most cutting-edge techniques, and technologies with a special emphasis on web standards and best practices.
  • Check out free community resources exploring all facets of experience design to see the trends.
  • Follow international agency’s ‘know-how’ blogs to get intelligent insights, advice and tips from the world of information architecture.
  • Get useful pointers on ecommerce user experience, tablet interfaces, mobile UX, responsive design, holiday banners, email design and more.

How To

  • Participate in live creative classes from the world’s top experts. Learn and be inspired without leaving your desk.
  • Sign up to take advantage of all kinds of online tutorials and creative lessons.
  • Look up wonderful online resources that share loads of tips and tricks to help you make all kinds of quirky homemade things.
  • Put together a Facebook or Google+ group to share creative ideas in your own online community.
  • Take online courses , this is a place to learn real world skills.

Take a look at Monica Lee, founder and host of Smart Creative Women, a podcast show on iTunes and Stitcher radio designed to help women learn, grow, and get inspired. She implements many of these recommendations above. Monica’s conversational style interviews are educational and entertaining. She brings her experience as an artist, business owner along with dose of natural curiosity to each interview.

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“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not” ~Pablo Picasso