5 Great ways to connect with your customer

5 Great ways to connect with your customer

 Connect with your Consumer!

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

 ― John Lennon

Thanks to technology dreams really do come true, along with connecting with your consumer. There is no limit to the ways that a company can engage its customers. Understanding how your customers interact with branding and technology at home or while they’re out on the town is the first step to ensuring that you understand the opportunities available for your marketing message. Lets take a look at a rage of possible experiences you can tap into. Discover 5 examples of great ways to connect with your audience through social media. Lets use the following avatar; her name is Betty she is a young professional, married who likes to go out, shop and is a travel fanatic.

  1. Morning Routine

Mornings usually comprise the same activities. Her day probably starts by checking the weather on her mobile device to see how to dress, she uses her wardrobe planning app to choose what to wear. After dressing she may post a selfie of her outfit and #hastag #outfitoftheday. Alerts for top news headlines are sent to her phone as she is having her morning coffee and Twitter is her handle of choice for getting the latest entertainment gossip.

  1. At Work

As Betty gets to the office she decides to post her Facebook morning status message. Her HR team has been pushing for the employee advocacy program in which all employees will be able to share their pipeline of work, feedback and accomplishments in their online corporate community. She is also super excited to get a little bonus from their loyalty program since she has the top sales this year in the firm. She already has plan for how she is going to spend it. After her work checklist has been accomplished for the day she thinks about ordering her groceries online since her busy social calendar for the week is full. She has the food delivered at home where her husband will be able to receive it.

  1. Shopping

Before leaving work Betty checked her favorite brand online to see the latest fall fashion. After finding the products she likes, she checks to see if they have any promotions in store. She has little time before her date night with her husband. Once she gets to the shop she tries it on and it fits perfectly. She takes her phone out and pay via mobile checkout. Transaction complete. Your GPS sends you a message that there is an art gallery opening wine and cheese right around the corner. You figure why not check it out, you love art and your new office is lacking some.

  1. A night out

After shopping you have to decide were you want to go out tonight, a quick search on yelp will you give the reviews you need to make a decision. Location, food type, price all-important. She makes a reservation with her Opentable app for dinner. A confirmation is sent to her phone. Betty books an Uber to come pick her up and bring her to the restaurant. During dinner she take a look at her home cameras just to make sure that everything is OK.

  1. Traveling

During the weekend Betty receives a low fare alert from her travel app to Paris. She always wanted to go visit the city of love with her husband and now given the alert that she programmed, she has the chance. She takes a look at Tripadvisor to see which places are good and uses Priceline to get the best deal for her travel dates. After a quick text to her husband, she gets the approval and in a matter of minutes her custom trip has been booked. Check in will be easy now that she can do so from the comfort of her own home prior to arrival in the airport.Traveling has become so much more convenient, cost effective and efficient.

Personalization is an extremely important long-term goal for B2C marketers and their customers. Big data can be sued as a predictor of customer actions with 85% accuracy. Tailor content to individuals’ unique cultural interests
, and daily activities makes information received useful and wanted. Knowing your customers behaviors makes giving them what they want when they want easier and profitable.