To get ahead marketers must stay ahead

To get ahead marketers must stay ahead

Today the old school traditional marketers are dinosaurs; 90% of the work force is under 30. Millenials are on social media networks, they understand how to listen to their community, to adapt their message and deliver content they want. Social media is the present and the future; marketers need to be savvy on social to stay relevant in their community and in their jobs. In 2012 a survey was carried out to determine the current state of social media, the following findings support this shift in the marketplace. The SEOmoz industry survey results found that:

Social media marketers
Social media marketers

This shows that marketers are feeling an increased sense of ability to tackle what was once thought of as a new and unknown technology. To little surprise in the social media marketing world, Facebook and Twitter lead as the most popular social networks.

Social Media Marketers are recognized experts called upon by media and other outlets to speak, write and lend their expertise more than ever. With little or no money through efforts like community engagement, referrals or ambassador programs, marketers can easily grow their community base and engage with their target audience. A good example of such success is that of Rebekah Radice,, named top 10 Sumo Marketers in 2014. She is not only a serial entrepreneur, she is a social media strategist, speaker, digital marketing specialist, and author of a social media self help book. Rebekah helps business owners and other marketers struggling to create and maintain a solid online presence, link marketing with profitability, while staying active online even with their busy schedules.

Here are the 4 simple steps to build your social media presence online, become an expert marketer in your community; all while gaining new business connections that expand your reach, to grow your bottom line.

Step 1)  Have something concrete and specific to offer

  • Learn about what’s important in your industry today and become a point of reference for this subject within your niche audience.
  • Note the online advertisements that will tell you what’s new and important to your industry and what’s selling.  Then write an article and submit it for publication in one of the industry magazines.

Step 2)  Join conversations

  • Listen in on conversations, comments, complaints and suggestions, this can be immensely valuable and can result in better business decisions.
  • Use Twitter Tweet chats as a great person-to-person networking tool. They can act as one of the single best lead generation tools in social media.
  • Use LinkedIn Groups for networking with people who fit your prospect profile. Make sure to use keyword specific industry search’s to find relevant groups for your business.

Step 3)  Share your insights

  • Create a website and a blog: Share your professional advice, research and work.
  • Create Webinars: Digital format drives attendance and creates a premise of teacher, student giving you authority on the subject.
  • Attend Onsite Events: When you attend conferences or trade shows, share the highlights and notes with people who can’t attend, remember to use event #hashtags and you will attract people interested in the same niche. Pay attention to new followers at this time and conversations on Twitter and Facebook. Finally, consolidate your notes into a blog post following the event and tweet it out to the events participants.

Step 4)  Interview other experts

  • Interview people you want to work with and community influencers in person or on Google Hangouts, then publish the video, this will help to build your business.

A marketer or brand needs to regularly put out announcements, promotions and special offers, as well as, serve as a curator of useful information, providing straight-up tips as well as links to external resources, including your blogs or websites.

With these four steps you can become a social media expert for your company or brand, all while growing your community and forming relationships with people who are interested in what you offer. These people will be more open to buying form you than from someone else they have no history with which intern will increase your bottom line. The ROI of social is that your business will still exist in 5 years.

Taking the time to build your community, to get to know your people will have long lasting benefits

Clifton Taulbert

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