How marketers can get more social media engagement & win followers?

How marketers can get more social media engagement & win followers?

We all want to get likes on our social media channels and more followers, but most marketers haven’t figured out the wining formula. The question often arises as to why one blogger, brand or post get more engagement than another? The answer is simple. In order to connect with your audience you have to first give them what they are interested in, not necessarily what you want to sell them. You have to create a story they can follow and the punch line is what you have to offer them.

How we do this may be your next question? Well it’s pretty simple, just like Dale Carnegie wrote in “how to win friends and influence people”, you need to educate yourself about your audience likes and do lost of A/B testing of your posts.

Start with one social media channel. Lets take Facebook as our example, given that it is the most widely used platform for millions of people around the world, it is an excellent tool to test your audience and success.

  1. Remember to post often

The more often your post, the more visibility you will get in the newsfeed and the more people will start to pay attention and engage with your posts. Posting 1-2 times a day is a good guideline to increase your engagement.

  1. Mostly Post video’s & pictures

Majority of the population around the world learns and absorbs information best visually. Through A/B testing of your photos/video’s and researching what your audience likes to see, you will be able to produce visual content that elicits interest and intern engagement.

  1. People are Narcissists, play to their ego.

You want people to like you, flatter them, include them, listen to them, and engage with them on your posts. Tagging is a good way to include them in your posts, so are mentions and reciprocated follows.

  1. The KISS principle

Keep it short and simple. Our attention span has decreased with the bombardment of information online; therefore you need to peek your audience’s attention quickly, in order to keep it. Do you research in advance so you have an idea of what content they like and what they want.

  1. Make it interactive & interesting

Ask questions. You can ask for help, recommendations, opinions, or even content. Different types of content that will be engaging are contests, giveaways and games that allow your audience to get personally involved. Refrain from asking anything personal though it could be misunderstood. Remember, what ever you say online, stays online. Always be positive and complementary.

  1. Find your funny bone

Everyone likes humor, we all want to be entertained and funny posts seems to generate the most likes and shares on social media channels. When in doubt share something that will bring a smile, chuckle or LOL to your audience and you will be rewarded with engagement.

  1. Timing is everything

Time your posts to coincide with periods that your audience is most likely to be online and checking their feeds. First thing in the morning and just after work are usually prime times for social media channels. You don’t want to miss out on high traffic hours; this will be your ticket to increase likes, followers and overall interest in your brand. Also paying attention to zeitgeist factors will allow you to focus your posting strategy (ie: weather, events, celebrities, etc..)

  1. Offer incentives

Everyone likes to gifts, the more incentives you offer, the more they will share. Make it conditional, they have to like your page and share your post in order to get the rewards (ie: get 10% off with next purchase if you share and like our page). You will also create brand loyalty, improve your visibility and your engagement.

  1. Install a link to like/apply/ subscribe to your page

The easier you make it for your audience to engage with you, the faster and more likely you will increase your engagement and ultimately your ROI .

  1. Promote yourself on and offline

Whether it’s a page, a website, at point of sale, or at an event, there are many ways you can promote yourself. VIP contests for your followers/fans, running well targeted ads, buy likes, printing (URL posters, URL receipts, onsite stickers, QR codes or through live feeds onsite (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat).

Once you build up your reputation for posting interesting and unique content, people will more likely be inclined to click through to your blog, website, white paper and subscribe or purchase your product/service. If you can build a successful social media strategy, you will create more engagement and win followers, while influencing friends, family and colleagues. The result is you will generate more followers and likes on your posts and finally be able to sell them on your products or services improving your bottom line.