5 Marketing methods to attract Gen Y’s to your conferences

5 Marketing methods to attract Gen Y’s to your conferences

5 Marketing Methods To Attract Gen Y’s To Your Conferences

The key factor to market to a specific demographic is to understand the way they think. What are their purchasing motives? What are their interests? What are their values? With this in mind, your marketing activities for your conference should be lead by these answers.

Generation Y (those born between 1982 – 1993) are motivated by freedom and flexibility. “They represent 80 million consumers and $200 billion in spending power” writes Tim Hare at MarketingProfs. Gen Y’s represent a consumer demographic that must not be neglected. They are digital natives comfortable with using tablets, smartphones, text and social media. This demographic integrates online, mobile and face-to-face interactions with their daily social habits and purchases. They are highly socially connected via technology, but they want it to assist them not dominate them.

Human connections and real experiences are very important to Gen Y and decision-making is social. Gen Y confer and make decisions in groups, using technology to access their friends’ opinions in real time at any time. They share with their friends, family and peers about things they like or don’t like. Ultimately this influences their purchasing decisions and behaviours. Marketers need to create relevant, authentic experiences in order to attract the Gen Y population to their conferences.

Here are 5 marketing practices to help attract Gen Y to your conference:

  1. Encourage brand advocacy

Create a Facebook Fan of the month. Your customers are your best critics, listen to them and treat them well. Engage fans with regular content that provokes conversations.

  1. Grow fan base for ongoing CRM

Actively listen and create engagement ads, competitions and loyalty programs. Incentives will encourage them to spread your message and attend your events.

  1. Identify loyal fans and learn from them

Create a VIP membership. Gen Y’s are somewhat narcissistic, this will play to their “selfie” importance.

  1. Explore tactical opportunities to drive relevant social campaigns

For example: International Women’s Day, where women encourage, follow and find their mentors. There is an exchange of expertise, help and advice.

  1. Drive engagement

Gen Y’s are well networked and the opinion of peers are generally within easy reach. “They make choices based on what is collectively seen as cool and they achieve their goals with the help of their networks. Their mentors are created through a communal exchange that’s multi-way, rather than one-way” writes George Patterson at Y&R. They will be advised and advise equally what best conferences to attend to improve their professional network and education.

At the end of the day, your success metrics will include growing your fan base and attendees. Leveraging the right marketing methods will ensure that Gen Y’s hear about the conference, engage with you’re event and ultimately buy a ticket to attend it. Give them respect and treat them well, they will return it your way.

Let us know your thoughts and advice on attracting Gen Y’s to your conference. If you need a consult, recommendations or guidance do not hesitate to contact us for event marketing.

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