Facebook marketing basics for small business

Facebook marketing basics for small business

Facebook Marketing For Small Business

The fact of the matter is that Facebook whether you like it or not has become the forefront tool of all social media business. With 1 Billion people on Facebook, your brand needs to have a presence. Social media has become the #1 activity on the web.

53% of people recommend products in their tweets, 90% of customers trust peer recommendations and only 14% trust ads. Stats from “ Erik Qualeman, book Social Media Revolution 4”

To start driving more engagement and reach a larger audience Facebook is a great place to build your brands reputation. As a small business if don’t have a strong Facebook page your not leveraging social media potential. But keep in mind that 90% of the people who like your page will never return to it, so drive engagement not likes to get the best return on your investment of time and money.

Brain Solis stated that “Facebook is a social network to help people communicate, share and discover. Businesses must learn that relationships are earned and earned again. Communities are built up on a foundation of mutual value, entertainment and empowerment.

Here are key tips to get good engagement results for your brand:

  • Figure out your expertise and how it relates to your product
  • Always treat your posts like a conversation
  • Provide an incentive to join, return and participate in the conversation
  • Try new things, words, topics, wording and times. It’s about trial and error.
  • A little bit of planning goes a long way.
  • Ask simple questions to your audience to drive engagement.
  • Visuals matter: Use photos or video related to your product, branding without a hard sell, DIY, expert advice, memes and quotes.


Build your following

The best way to build your following on Facebook is in person, paid contest, advertising, other social media networks, community and through existing members. Research products or companies that target a similar audience on social media and copy what is working for them. Remember your Facebook strategy will have a huge impact on your brand’s success.

Social Orra offers consulting services that can help you enter or improve your social media presence. Contact us if you need any help and please do share your thoughts.

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