10 Simple tips to repurpose content creatively

10 Simple tips to repurpose content creatively


10 Simple Steps To Repurpose Content Creatively

The Ultimate How-To Guide for Social Media Health. 

The goals of creating content on social media are to grow your network of followers, keep them as fans, and sell your product(s). With these goals in mind it then becomes obvious that your content must be first and foremost Relevant, Shareable and Memorable.

Instead of breaking your head to create original content, observe what is working in your network, what they are sharing and what your competitors are writing about that engages your target audience.

Besides being time-consuming, and breaking your head to come up with amazing new ideas for every post, why not rework and reuse old content that has had success in the past. There is a sea of information online. Dip into your network of influencer’s, your audience and peers, not to mention your own works of art. Repetition makes your message stick. Be clever and re-mix and re-purpose content in new ways.

How to create clever content

Repurposed content can be formatted for each channel; therefore the content is displayed differently each time to your audience. Reposts make it easy to pick up the thread if they missed it the first time. It also increases your SEO relevancy, thus creating a content footprint to attract more traffic.

Here are suggestions on how to get your creative juices flowing to make your content work for you. Remix and Repurpose:

1) Reuse– Take your earlier works such as popular books, studies, reports and shorten them for your social media marketing such as blogs, newsletters and posts.

2) Rewrite– Re-write a popular post, use eye-catching info-graphics, photographs or video that your readers will enjoy.

3) Mini Posts– Post a series of mini posts on one topic, repetition is key to being memorable.

4) Visual How To’s – Create “How to” videos and photo tip posts to invite sharing. Visuals always work.

5) Make Lists – Make a list post from old content. Make sure you always have a theme and an angle.

6) Crucial Keywords – Create a list of keywords and topics that your audience loves. Use Google Analytics to determine your most popular posts, and then do a follow up post or series based on your original material.

7) Best Of – Showcase a “Best of” your posts and yearly activities. This will highlight the accomplishments of your brand and the expertise you have acquired.

8) User Generated Content – Implement user generated content to engage your audience. You can get this from photos, comments, questions and threads that are shared via your channels or through your competitors.

9) Experts & Influencers -Find out what the experts and influencers in your industry have to say. Create“Point of View”posts to emphasize your expertise in your field or the positioning of your brand.

10) Throwback Thursday -Use Throwback Thursday to revive an old post. Use previous articles that had a great response to generate fresh interest and post a link to #TBT on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

What this means for you?

With all the hard work that goes into creating new content, why not repurpose it and make it work for you over and over again, saving you time and headaches.This is the goal of Social Orra, to help marketers save time, money and headaches, all while making your social media customized to your brand and audience. More relevant posts mean more engagement and loyalty from your followers.

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