Why marketers need social media in 2015

Why marketers need social media in 2015

The question may still linger but the answer is always there; Marketers need social media in 2015. As social media continues to grow and as technology also changes rapidly, consumers expect to access and consume information across various social media channels and devices. Marketers need to keep up with their social profiles and determine what consumers want and what to focus on.

In 2015 social media and social media tools will take on a more important role in a marketers life. They will provide help to marketers to achieve their business goals: creating a brand strategy, building their community, engaging their audience and increasing their sales across a variety of channels and devices.

Key features of social media

  1. Always on: People interact on social media 24 hours a day. Social media is the only platform that can dually provide real time information on consumer behavior and also allow for a brand to directly connect with its consumers anywhere at anytime. This information can be used to make both reactive and proactive decisions in order to obtain the best ROI on campaigns and build a relevant community to a brand. Social Media tools like “XXX” will aid in this process.
  1. Personal & Sociable: Time spent listening and learning about your customers allows brand to give better customer service and provide content that resonates within their community. Social Media is the only marketing platform that allows marketers to interact directly with their consumers in a timely, relevant and cost efficient manner and follow them on the go. The result is building loyal fans and a bigger following.
  1. Always measurable: Social Media tools allow for precise real time results that marketers can analyze to determine how best to reach their target community and achieve their set goals. They can then rapidly adapt their strategy to what is working best for them, even shortly after launching a campaign. As consumer behaviour continues to go mobile, marketers can now keep up using social media tools.

Keeping up with growth

It is a necessity for marketers to keep up with this growth by:

  • Maintaining an advantage over their competition
  • Understanding their social marketing performance
  • Understanding their social marketing performance
  • Optimizing their efforts
  • Using social media tools that can help them maximize their social media presence

The benefits derived

The value brought to marketers by social media will be undeniable to the bottom line and brand value. It will help brands:

  • Develop better sales materials, content and collateral
  • Help drive offering to prospects
  • Publish content to differentiate the brand voice
  • Communicate regularly with customers and commercial contacts
  • Share promotional materials
  • Share customer stories and information
  • Support company channel and business partners
  • Engage external experts to validate company ideas or offerings

Social media is now solidly at the center of the communications industry. A diverse and vast landscape of social networks, each with its nuances and demographic makeups, which means that there is something for every type of business, marketing campaign, and sales pipeline.

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