The top viral marketing of 2014!

The impact of viral social media on brands is unique as no other form of media can achieve the same engagement, return on investment, or international impression as the right campaign at the right time that  is universally eye catching. Some companies seem to have mastered the art of creating viral marketing campaigns. Who says you can’t plan to go viral?

Here are our top ten epic viral videos:

  1. West Jet Christmas miracle: west jet saw their Christmas wishes come true as they de-boarded at their end destination and collected their luggage.
  1. Goldiebox princess machine: Showed girls abandoning princess play for STEM field Toys
  1. Carlsberg Bikers: powerful micro-story and sophisticated example of transmedia storytelling.
  1. Contrex : racy bike campaign for mineral water
  1. “Carrie coffee shop campaign was set up for the premier of the movie.
  1. LG so real its scary: pranks elevator passengers to show of their life like screens
  1. Jimmy Kimmbel worst Twerk video – catches fire literally both physically and media wide online and offline.
  1. Volvo Trucks: the epic split Van Damme: demonstrated the precision of dynamic steering
  1. Pepsi max test drive: Jeff Gordon took a car salesman on a wild ride thanks to Pepsi Max

     10. ALSChallenge: ice bucket went viral with celebrities taking part; politicians, enertainers and 100 of thousands of social media user raising 70 million dollars in just a few months

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